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Exercise Physiologist - Prospect, Adelaide.

Danwin Chan, Ph.D - Exercise Physiology (EP)

Dan Chan is an accredited¬†Exercise Physiologist (EP) who completed his PhD with Western Sydney University on the topic of resistance training in end-stage renal disease. Dan’s experience in human movement and exercise physiology ranges from being high school’s badminton captain and representative, junior college and army formation’s basketball representative, Singapore national army service, Javelin thrower (placed 2nd in SA several times), Athletics’ jumps and javelin coaching of adolescents, exercise research and management on haemodialysis patients and aged care.

Dan has experience working with middle aged, elderly with various chronic medical conditions and clients with musculoskeletal and joint pain. Dan has overcome various acute and chronic injuries in the past and he understands the strategies and treatment to overcome many of them Dan believes it is our habits that define us.

Oftentimes, ill-health, bodily pain or lack of fitness are developed over time due to our lifestyle habits and movement/posture patterns. At times, we may know what is good for us but find it hard to apply that knowledge. By considering psychosocial and physical aspects of your condition, Dan can guide you to take practical steps to improve your health.

He is your friendly neighbourhood EP you can consult to find effective health and fitness solutions. He likes to work alongside general practitioners and practice nurses to make his neighbourhood a healthy one. He can speak Mandarin and understand Cantonese (Chinese dialect).



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